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“Do whatever brings you to life. Follow your own fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert on Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Last weekend I attended the Zeldzaam Mooi Markt (Rare Beautiful Market) in Groningen, a province in the north of the Netherlands, and I got inspired by all the beautiful things I saw there.

zeldzaam mooi groningenYou could feel the creativity, passion, and dreams coming out from each of those tables. Being there made me reflect on something. We all have a gift, something to share with the world. It’s just a matter of how we combine that gift that determines what makes someone successful. When it comes to starting your own business, the best combination I have found is talent + doing + creativity. Of course, there is more than that. Passion is really important, as is investing money and relationships, but without the three elements mentioned above, your foundation is lacking.

Don’t worry about the competition. Instead, get inspired by your neighbors. When it comes to entrepreneurship, it’s all an exchange. I promote your business, and you promote mine. Successful entrepreneurs know that collaborating is such a powerful tool.

So what skill or idea do you have in mind?

You could bake the most delicious fudge in town…

homemade fudge

Sell your art…

Zeldzaam mooi drawings

Design fun baby clothes…

Zeldzaam mooi baby clothes

Make cooking fun…

Zeldzaam mooi keuken

Or sell the shit out of these beautiful hats…Whatever it is, be your own boss and build your empire.

Zeldzaam mooi hoedenWhether you are a full time or a part-time entrepreneur, you rule! Thanks for putting yourself out there.

Ready to start your own business? these tips will help you get started.


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