Ask and It Will Be Given

Ask and it will be given

Have you ever been stuck in a job you didn’t like just because you were afraid to tell your boss that you quit? Or have you ever waited too long to ask for a promotion? Sometimes the simplest things can be the most difficult. During most of my 20s, I settled for almost everything that was given to me. It’s not that I didn’t think I deserved the best of things, I just didn’t dare to ask for it. I used to think that:

It was ok if people didn’t respect my time.
It was ok if my relationship wasn’t as loving as I wished it was.
It was ok if I got paid too little.

But as I grew older, I realized that it wasn’t ok. I also realized that I was the only one who could stand up for my rights. And that’s exactly what I did when I used to work as a full-time cleaner.

At the beginning, I charged very little because I thought my job and skills weren’t important enough. As the years passed, I became better and faster at cleaning. I also realized that every job is important, no matter its title. So, I asked my boss to raise my hourly rate simply because I deserved it. And I also asked her to buy a new vacuum cleaner since the one I’d been working with was too old and heavy. Guess what happened next? She raised my fee (almost double), and she also bought me a new vacuum cleaner! Not only did I felt happy afterwards, but this also boosted my self-confidence.

If you work for someone, I want you to reflect for a moment on your work environment. Is there any area of your work life that could be improved by expressing your needs and desires? Are you settling for less just because you are afraid to ask?

We all deserve to feel happy at work. And sometimes this can be achieved by simply asking your boss to buy a better coffee machine or to upgrade your computer. And of course, this can also be achieved by asking for a raise.

If you’re an entrepreneur, think about the ways you could improve your business. Who can you reach out to for support? Who can you collaborate with? When you run your own business, you have to put yourself out there, especially if you’re just starting out. Nobody is going to come and find you. Your ideal customer isn’t going to come knocking at your door.

When I started blogging, I knew that if I wanted to have lots of readers (or any readers at all), I had to promote my website. So in order to get exposure, I approached a lot of editors and pitched them my article ideas. It turned out that they all accepted my articles, and I even got published on some major personal development websites.

Many people don’t send the email because they’re afraid to bother others. But when you’re offering value through your products, services, or content, you’re not really bothering anyone.

My life is a reflection of the questions I have been asking (myself, others, and the universe) over the last years. I’ve asked for the jobs and I’ve gotten the jobs. I asked my current boyfriend to go on a 24 hour date with me–and I also asked him to be my boyfriend–and he said yes!

I also had one of my art pieces hung at a tribute event once, just because I asked the organizers if they could do so.

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You really have that power to go craft a life that you love. Do you have the courage to go for it? What are you going to ask for next? Feel free to tell me all about it in the comments below!


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Author: Jessica Araus

My name is Jessica. I’m a writer and illustrator living in the Netherlands. I write stories based on my life experiences and I also create colorful illustrations that entertain and inspire many. It’s my hope that this blog serves you as a simple reminder of the power you have to choose, create, and live a life that you love.

4 Replies to “Ask and It Will Be Given

  1. I just started a new little venture projecting light to make augmented reality experiences. I emailed to ask a huge local event if they would be interested in seeing examples of my work, and they said yes! Thanks for the inspiration to keeping asking!

  2. I just started a new venture in my life and was able to open up and tell someone how i really felt. All good things. I read a couple of your writtings and they are great. Im learning how to open up and even on my job and to my boses. Thanks so much.

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