What You Focus on Grows

What you focus on grows
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There was a period of time in my life when my hair started to fall out. It started with a small circular patch on one side of my scalp and then it moved to the other side too. Eventually, two bald circular patches reigned both front sides of my scalp. I remember feeling worried and anxious about it. I would look at my bald patches whenever I was close to a mirror. It seemed that the more I looked at them, the more the baldness expanded.

That’s when I decided to stop focusing on my hair loss and instead focus on things that made me happy, like spending quality time with my boyfriend, going for walks in nature, and working on my blog. With this new shift of focus, there were days in which I didn’t even remember I had ever suffered from hair loss.

After some time, something incredible happened. Beautiful thick black hair started to grow, filling my entire scalp. It turned out that, after I stopped paying attention to the problem, the problem solved itself. Or should I say, the problem lost its power. I now understand that focusing on the problem just made it worse.

If you are facing any health challenge right now, I am by no means trying to tell you to ignore the disease, nor do I want you to believe that it is going to cure itself overnight. I still encourage you to go to the doctor and take the necessary treatment. However, if you spend most of your days thinking about the problem, you’ll be creating a low vibration in your body, which will only create stress in your cells and affect your inner peace. Instead, have hope that the disease is healing. Set a habit of making daily affirmations such as “my body is healing”, or “my body knows how to heal.”

Sometimes, even when the problem isn’t there yet, it becomes our reality. This is because we obsess over it to the point that it has no choice other than to manifest. Sure, there are things we cannot control, and that are just destined to happen. We cannot avoid the loss of a loved one, or the diagnosis of a chronic disease. But we can control how we respond to those things. When we only focus on the ugly of a problem, we are just giving it more power. However, when we decide to focus on a challenging or uncomfortable situation with the lens of hope and love, just as it happened with my hair, it will eventually get better.

I know it’s easier said than done, especially just after receiving bad news. But even in the darkness, we can find the light. Difficult situations happen for a reason. They exist to teach us a lesson. In my case, I needed to learn to take more care of my body by giving it the right fuel. I needed to slow down, drop the drama, and enjoy life more. After I did that, I regained a bit of control over my health, and my hair started to grow again.

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee your problem will be totally eradicated once you start focusing on the positive. But I can assure you this:

When you are gentle with yourself and focus your energy on the people and things that make you happy, life gets much better. Click To Tweet


Author: Jessica Araus

My name is Jessica. I’m a writer and illustrator living in the Netherlands. I write stories based on my life experiences and I also create colorful illustrations that entertain and inspire many. It’s my hope that this blog serves you as a simple reminder of the power you have to choose, create, and live a life that you love.

2 Replies to “What You Focus on Grows

  1. This showed up in perfect timely fashion for me. Just got some scary news from my doctor and I’m really trying to do this. I made a healthy vision board. And I’m doing inquiry on my fears. Finding a little resistance in myself as if I won’t take proper care of myself and be aggressive with treatment if I’m not afraid. Did you encounter that?

    1. Hi Brittany, I am glad this post resonates with you. I also got some scary news from my doctor recently, and that kept me in bed for one day. I am giving my body both, the medical treatment suggested by the doctor, plus natural healing in the form of meditation, exercise, and eating a very healthy diet. It’s amazing the benefits certain plants can have. The truth is, after I stopped worrying it so much, the quality of my days improved. Sure there are good days and bad days, and I also find myself a little resistance, but I do what I can when I can. The healthy vision board is such a great idea! I am sending light and love to your way, and I hope (and will visualize for both) that our health will improve.

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