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Transmit your message with beautiful illustrations.

If you would like to illustrate your articles/blog posts with beautiful artwork, I can help you!

I illustrate in a variety of mediums, including Prismacolor, watercolor, and digitally.

You can see my portfolio here.


All projects are different. Please contact me to discuss the details of your project and to get a unique rate quote.

My process

My art process

I make all my illustrations by hand and then I outline them with pigment liner.

Once I have some clean lines, I proceed to paint my art with watercolor. Sometimes, I will mix mediums, like watercolors and Prismacolor (colored pencils).

Afterward, I scan my artwork and I transfer it to Photoshop to adjust the levels and brightness of my art.

The result: polished and vibrant illustrations ready for print or publishing.

Here is a more detailed description of my process:

Joker 2019 drawing art

For this character, I used a photo reference. Like I mentioned above, all my drawings are made by hand.

Once my drawing is finished, I outline it with pigment liner (I use Staedtler). Then I erase the pencil lines and start with the most fun part: painting!

mix media art process

For this illustration, I used watercolors, Prismacolor, and gouache. I just love mixing mediums!

work in process Joker art

And here’s the final result 🙂 

Joker artwork 2019




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