The Mind-Body Connection

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the mind body connection

There have been many changes going on in my life lately, especially when it comes to health. At the beginning of this year I was diagnosed with a health condition called endometriosis, in which the tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus grows outside the uterus. This can cause a lot of pain and can affect other organs as well. When diagnosed with this condition, it is recommended to make certain lifestyle changes in order to help balance your body’s hormones and reduce inflammation.

This is what led me to become more aware of my eating choices. My body had actually tried to tell me about this a long time ago, but I didn’t listen. I had lost connection with my body, and because of this, I got ill.

A week ago, I had an awakening. I call it an awakening because it really hit me. I was sitting in my favorite chair reading a book when suddenly my mind and body started to have a conversation. It was so loud that I couldn’t ignore it. It went something like this:

“Remember all those times I worked past 8 at night?” Body said to the mind. “Well, I was exhausted.”

Body continued, “Also, you were feeding me food that made me bloated, even though you knew about this already. You knew that I was crumbling little by little, and that getting sick was inevitable.”

“I am sorry,” said the mind. “I do not want you to be sick. How can we fix that? Or rather, how can I help you heal?”

“You can help me heal by simply listening to me. You know that little voice you hear when you are about to make a choice that isn’t healthy? It’s me! It’s me telling you that something is not right. Don’t overbook your schedule. Learn to say no to others so that you can say yes to me. Listen to me when I need to take naps and breaks. Put happy thoughts in your mind. Stress impacts the immune system, which causes me to become sicker. And lastly, remember that I love you.”

While I was sitting there in silence, I imagined two old friends giving each other a tight hug, mending broken bonds. It was then that I understood the importance of maintaining the mind-body connection.

However, there is a part of me that is still trying to cling to my old habits. I’d be lying if I told you that I think happy thoughts and eat healthy food 100% of the time. I don’t. But I do my best, and I am more aware of it now. I regularly ask myself questions such as, “Is this serving me or is it doing me harm?” I do not blame myself when I slip up. Instead, I give myself a pat on the back and say, “You’ve got this. Let’s try again tomorrow.” For me, every day is a new opportunity to start fresh, and to be or do better than yesterday.

Each area of our lives affects another in the same way that one organ has influence on the next. This is because we were created as a dynamic system. That is why keeping a healthy mind-body (and soul) connection is very important.

When we learn to truly listen to our bodies, positive changes will come naturally. But most importantly, we’ll feel grounded and self-loved.

Finally, I’d like to reflect on the Easter season with you. My mom used to tell me that these days are meant for celebrating the arrival of God in our hearts. It’s about opening our hearts and embracing ourselves. It’s about having hope that better days will come and that we are going to be OK. Whether you call it Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Krishna, or the universe, feel it in your heart, and know that it’s always been there. You just have to listen and feel the love inside of you.


Enjoy the holidays and until next time!


P.S: If you’d like to know how to heal endometriosis naturally, I recommend you this great read. I just finished reading it, and I loved it!

Author: Jessica Araus

My name is Jessica. I’m a writer and illustrator living in the Netherlands. I write stories based on my life experiences and I also create colorful illustrations that entertain and inspire many. It’s my hope that this blog serves you as a simple reminder of the power you have to choose, create, and live a life that you love.

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