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When I was in college, a friend of mine recommended that I read the book The Secret. It was then that I first heard about The Law of Attraction. At the time, the idea of thoughts becoming things wasn’t so remote to me, because in the past, everything I had achieved had started in my mind with a single thought. One of the main lessons I gained by reading The Secret was to act as if my deepest desires have already come true in order to manifest them. Let me tell you about an act as if manifestation story.

It all started with a university raffle I chose to participate in, as among the prizes were a scholarship, textbooks, and other educational stuff. The day before the event, I remember saying to myself, “I am going to wear something nice, because when they say my name, and as I walk to claim my prize, all eyes will be on me.” So the day of the raffle came, and I wore my best clothes. The event took place in the auditorium, and everybody was there. They had the names of the participants written on small papers, and when they were about to draw the first winner, I could already hear in my mind “Our first winner is Jessica Araus.” Well, guess whose name they called? Mine! The moment I chose to wear something special for this occasion was the moment I acted as if. You might think it was just pure coincidence, but for me, it was the law of attraction.

black dress hanging on a hanger.
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Here’s another story. Back in college, I was working part-time waiting tables at a French restaurant. Back then I was dating a guy we’ll call Carlos to not reveal his real name. One evening, while I was waiting for the last people to leave the restaurant so my colleague and I could close, I thought, “I wish Carlos would come to see me.” This would have been a tricky one to manifest because Carlos didn’t know where I was working. I thought, maybe if I write it, it will become real. So I gave it a try and wrote Carlos is coming to see me on the notepad where I took orders. A few minutes later, a gorgeous man entered the restaurant with a big smile on his face. My jaw dropped. “How did you find me?” I asked. And he said, he’d been to my place and my roommate told him where I work. This was writing rather than acting, but it worked. Writing down your desires it’s a powerful tool.

These days, it’s natural for me to manifest something because I’ve made it my mission to deliberately create the life that I want. I have traveled to places I always wanted to travel, married the man of my dreams, and more. But if you’re just beginning on your law of attraction journey, the principle of acting as if can be tricky because it’s hard to believe in something you can’t see yet. However, doubt delays manifestation. It’s only when you believe in the power of your thoughts and trust the universe that great things happen.

So what about you? Have you ever acted as if? Do you have a manifestation story you would like to share? Feel free to do so in the comments below.



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Author: Jessica Araus

Jessica Araus is a mixed media artist and illustrator living in the Netherlands.

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  1. I needed this reminder today. Thank you for putting this out into the world. I love your blogposts and even though I’m late to the party on this one, I always get so excited to see what you’ve written.

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