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Hey there!

My name is Jessica, and I’m an artist and illustrator specializing in portraiture. I combine traditional media such as watercolor, colored pencils, and gouache to create colorful artwork that is both semi-realistic and illustrative. I specialize in portraits, but I can illustrate a variety of subjects.

a collection of artworks by Jessica Araus

I’m originally from Mexico, and I grew up in Tuxtepec, Oaxaca. After graduating from college, I became passionate about teaching English. And that’s what I did for the next few years, before falling in love with a Dutch man and moving to the Netherlands in 2015.

Shortly after, I started my online clothing business to promote the work of Mexican artisans, and I also started blogging. After jumping from one business idea to another, I turned my passion for illustrated portraits into my primary career path. 

When I’m not making art, I am writing inspiring stories that motivate people to reach their art goals.

Ready to get inspired?

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