How to Get Back on Track When Life Is Not Converting

getting back on track when stuck in life

If you’re an entrepreneur, you have probably heard the term “conversion.” This is how effective you are at getting customers (or potential ones) to take a desired action such as opening your emails, buying something from your shop, or clicking on a link.

Well, a few weeks ago, I felt like my lifestyle wasn’t converting. In other words, I wasn’t taking those desired actions that I knew would bring in the results I wanted.

I hadn’t created art in two weeks. I had gained some weight. And, I had unintentionally paused my dreams by giving priority to other things. So I came up with a plan to get back on track, and this is what I did:

1. I leveled up my vision board.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you probably already know that I’m a firm believer of the power of vision boards. I normally create one at the beginning of each new year, and it contains images of the goals I want to achieve over the next 12 months.

However, I hadn’t really gotten serious with some of my goals for this year. So it was about time to check in with my vision board. I found that some of the pictures on my board weren’t powerful enough. When I looked at them, I didn’t really feel motivated to take immediate action. So instead I replaced them with images that gave me a good feeling inside. I also added a couple of new empowering words and pictures of loved ones, and I got more specific with my writing, traveling, and business goals.

After I made those changes, I felt much more inspired. And from then on, every time I sat down at my desk to work on a project, I felt pumped when I looked at my board.

my new vision board
My renewed vision board

2. I made a list of the things that were blocking my energy.

When it comes to personal development, we often hear self-help gurus talk about “focusing on the positive.” However, when you’re feeling a bit stuck, just focusing on the positive won’t do it. It is often necessary to have a look at the negative aspects of our lives in order to identify the hurdles that aren’t allowing us to move forward.

It’s like going on holiday to an amazing place while wearing the wrong shoes. Even if you focus on the beauty of your surroundings, if your feet hurt, you probably won’t enjoy your travels that much.

In order to better enjoy the little things, we have to change what’s bothering us. So I made a list with two columns. On one side, I listed my blockages. And on the other side, the solutions. This is what it looked like:

blockages and solutions chart

3. I stopped doing what was expected of me.

Many times we do things not because we’re enthusiastic about them, but because we think others expect us to do them. The other day, a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in a while, invited me for coffee at her place. Without thinking much I accepted her invitation, but shortly after I realized that I didn’t really have the energy to meet her. It was the weekend. I had had a long week. And I needed that one weekend to rest and recharge.

I said yes not because I really wanted to, but because I thought that was “the right” thing to do. Especially since we hadn’t seen each other in a long time. But saying yes to someone else when it is a no to yourself is a recipe for resentment. So I messaged my friend and cancelled. And after I did that, I felt such relief.

Saying yes to someone else when it is a no to yourself is a recipe for resentment. Click To Tweet

4. I created systems.

Something that really helps me manage my time (and energy) is the creation of systems for when to do certain activities. This also saves me time, since I don’t have to figure out when the best time to do a certain task is. On top of that, systems also help me avoid doing tasks that are unnecessary.

Here are some of my systems:

– Check email once a day
– Skillshare classes on Fridays
– Clean the house on Saturdays
– Ironing on Sundays
– Prepare content for the week on Sunday

My boyfriend has his own systems as well. For instance, he does grocery shopping on Fridays and laundry on Saturdays. He stops working at 5:00, so you’ll rarely see him tackling a to-do list after that time. When he gets home it is time to chill.

Whenever I feel like I am rushing or that there aren’t enough hours in a day to do what matters to me, it is probably because I’m not respecting my own systems. For instance, I’m doing laundry on a weekday, when laundry day is on the weekend. Or I’m checking my email 10 times a day.

That being said, I am flexible with my systems and I change them from time to time in order to adjust to new routines or to try a different schedule.

5. I started doing what represented me the best.

But the main reason my lifestyle wasn’t converting is simple. I wasn’t being true to myself. I was eating food that didn’t make my body feel good, giving up to laziness, and pleasing others over myself.

Of all of the things I do during the day, what best represents me isn’t doing laundry, watching Netflix, or hanging out with low vibrational people. My essence lies in providing value to others through my art or writing, feeling zest for life, and being ME.

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Finally, start to ask yourself questions such as “Is what I’m about to do the best representation of myself?” and you’ll see a change in your actions and routine.

Now, I’d like to hear from you. What resonated with you the most from this list? What are some of the things you do when life is not converting? Feel free to share in the comments!


P. S: The woman in the featured image is my beautiful friend Maritza at Venice Beach, LA. This picture was taken during my California trip last December. Maritza, I love you girl!

Author: Jessica Araus

Jessica Araus is a mixed media artist and illustrator living in the Netherlands.

4 Replies to “How to Get Back on Track When Life Is Not Converting

  1. I find this completely encouraging and honest to read. I appreciate how you share your personal experience and struggles cause personally I identify myself with you. I often find myself stuck and anxious for not accomplishing my goals but I also try to find things here and there to motivate me, bring me up and push me to keep going. It’s a lot of the times hard to even recognized when you’re getting stuck or when your procrastinating on personal goals so I like the strategies you use to get back at it. Keep up the good work and keep sharing and advising those around you.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog post Maritza. One way to know if you’re procrastinating on personal goals is to be aware of your feelings. If you can’t stop thinking of a certain task, or a creative endeavor keeps coming to your mind and the thought makes you feel uncomfortable, that’s probably a sign that you’re putting that task off. I’m glad my strategies were of help. You don’t even need to put them all into practice. As soon as you start with one, you’ll get momentum again. Love, Jessica.

  2. Great post, Jessica, and super helpful. I love the question, “Is what I’m about to do the best representation of myself?” I’m going to start using that one throughout the day.
    I also love tip #2, and I don’t think it’s negative at all to look at the areas of our lives where we’re not getting the results we want, to see what needs to be tweaked or changed. When I work out with my trainer, he’s not being negative when he sees that my form is off and corrects it – it’s actually very positive, because he’s helping me get the results I want more effectively. This also made me think of the book “The One Thing”, by Gary Keller and Jay Pappasan, about identifying the single most important action that will make the biggest impact on “conversion” toward a particular goal. Some actions will never move us toward the results we want, no matter how much we do them. I think it’s actually a very positive mindset to stop and assess what we’re doing, and make adjustments along the way 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

    1. Thank you Susan! The question actually works. The other day I was at the supermarket buying groceries, and at the moment I was about to put a package of cookies in my cart, I thought of this question, “Is what I’m about to do the best representation of myself?” And that instantly made me put the cookies back! That doesn’t mean I do enjoy a cookie here and there, but I also know that cookies don’t make me feel (and look) my best. So instead I grabbed a couple of healthy (and yummy) snacks.

      I’ve been wanting to read “The One Thing.” They say it’s an eye-opener. So, now that you mention it, I’ll grab a copy soon!

      And yes, we all have the power to craft a life that we love. As you said, if we find that we’re not happy with the direction life is taking, we can stop and make adjustments at any moment.
      Sending you lots of love Susan! <3

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